AcoustiCap® I & II

acousticapAcoustiCap® is a molded compressor sound cover designed to reduce noise in air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. AcoustiCap is available in standard models which fit many of the compressors in common use. Generic models are also available for compressors that were previously installed without sound covers.

AcoustiCap II is an enhanced acoustical sound cover which provides additional noise isolation. It is a premium sound cover featuring a flared bottom with an optional acoustical base pad for greater sound absorption.

Both AcoustiCap I and AcoustiCap II are manufactured from Recognized Components approved by Underwriters Laboratories UL File Number SA9624. All Scott materials are carefully tested to ensure the highest quality products.

Each model features a hook/loop closure system, making installation a breeze. AcoustiCap models reduce noise complaints from homeowners and neighbors.

The AcoustiCap product line will satisfy the desire for quieter equipment. The design, acoustical performance, application, weather ability, and competitive pricing make the AcoustiCap a cost effective solution for compressor noise reduction.

For samples or technical information contact a sales representative or customer service at 1-800-951-9276.


  • Enhanced Noise Reduction
  • UL Recognized
  • Molded Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost-Effective

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